FS Series Support

Repair Purchase

Genuine OEM parts

Handheld Systems repairs Husky, Itronix, and Itron handheld computers to factory specifications. As an Authorized Repair Center, our technicians receive specialized training at Itronix Headquarters and are able to provide outstanding repair services. To assure quality, we use only factory OEM parts purchased directly from the manufacturer.


Our flat rate fee to repair and refurbish a FS Series model is $425. Service Center Repairs include:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Replacement of all defective parts (motherboard replacement subject to additional charges)
  • Replacement of worn and scratched parts
  • Saving and restoring data files and programs
  • Cleaning inside and outside of unit

Turnaround Time

While we try to complete service as quickly as possible, a typical turn-around time is 2 to 5 working days from the time HHS receives the equipment. Handheld Systems offers Service Center contracts and upgrade options if your business requires additional support. We also have new and refurbished Husky’s in stock and a complete line of accessories.

Repair Request

The following information is needed prior to sending equipment in for repair.

  • Serial Number
  • Return address
  • Credit card information (we won't exceed $425 unless authorized)
  • Return shipping method (ex. 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, Ground)
  • Brief description of the problem

You can submit this information by calling our Support Center at 503-282-2857 or by using our online repair purchase form.


Repairs can be shipped to the following address:

  • Handheld Systems, Inc.
  • Service Department
  • 5319 SW Westgate Drive, Suite 164
  • Portland, OR 97221

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Repair Overview

Latest Lab Equipment

Handheld Systems uses the latest through-hole and surface-mount equipment for performing repairs. We are often able to repair the main motherboard at the component level as opposed to replacing the entire assembly, which can exceed $1000.

Motherboard repairs include replacing faulty parts that populate the board and repairing broken traces caused by age or corrosion. Contaminates are then removed from the PCB, extending the motherboard life.

Each handheld is restored to original factory specifications, passes all diagnostic tests, and is warranted for 90 days. We replace all worn or defective parts using only Husky Certified parts.

The BIOS is updated when applicable and all files are restored after completing the repair. Each unit is then cleaned to remove accumulated grime from the case assembly.

Common Repairs

When restoring a unit to factory specifications, the following items are commonly replaced or repaired:

  • Windows
  • Backup Batteries
  • Case and Screw O-rings
  • Moisture Indicators and bags
  • EL panels
  • Pressure leaks
  • Broken or cracked case assemblies
  • Missing pixels
  • Faulty power circuits
  • Communication ports
  • Keyboards
  • Keyboard membranes
  • Speakers
  • RAM chips
  • CompactFlash disks
  • Battery tubes
  • Rack interface PCB
  • IrDA PCB

Diagnostic Testing

The repair process begins and ends with thorough diagnostic testing. Initial diagnostic testing identifies hidden faults that may not be readily apparent. After repairs are completed, final diagnostic testing is performed to confirm that the unit is operating perfectly with no data loss.

Units that fail the final tests are re-examined and re-tested. Contact Handheld Systems for a detailed list of the diagnostics performed on each repair.

ESD Workplace

All worksurfaces are made from ESD rated laminates and meet commercial industry standards. All ESD-susceptible items are opened or removed from protective containers only within an ESD protective workstation or area.

Personnel are grounded when handling ESD-susceptible items. When seated, they wear a wrist strap fitting snugly on the skin and have it plugged into a common-point ground. Unnecessary, high-charging materials are removed from ESD-protected worksurfaces, particularly common plastics or any other electrostatic-generating items.

ESD mats and conductive/dissipative surfaces are cleaned regularly and only with cleaners that do not leave an insulative residue. All ESD-susceptible items are identified with ESD susceptibility symbols and are enclosed within ESD shielding bags or other sealed conductive or shielding container during storage or transportation outside an ESD protected area.

Personnel are tested and trained to verify that they understand the principles of ESD control and how to effectively use ESD protective equipment. A monitor is used to continuously test the wrist strap and static mat connections and sounds an alarm when the work area is no longer ESD safe. Routine auditing and inspection of ESD-protected work areas are conducted at regular intervals.


Handheld Systems warrants that the repair will be free from defects in material and/or workmanship, which occur during normal use, and that it shall perform in accordance with OEM specifications for 90 days from date of shipment. Handheld Systems will repair the equipment during the warranty period free of charge in the United States. A purchase receipt or other proof of purchase may be required prior to warranty service.

Technical Support

Handheld Systems provides free technical support to our customers throughout the world. Technical support can be obtained by calling our office between 7:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. You can also send us your questions via email.

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Repair Specs

Husky Models

  • Husky FS/2
  • Husky FS2
  • Husky FS/3
  • Husky FS3
  • Husky MP2500
  • Husky FS/GS
  • Husky Hunter 16
  • Husky Hunter 16/80
  • Husky Hunter 1
  • Husky Hunter 2
  • Husky FC-486
  • Husky FC486
  • Husky FC-PX5
  • Husky PX5

Itronix Models

  • Itronix FS/2
  • Itronix FS2
  • Itronix FS/3
  • Itronix FS3
  • Itronix MP2500
  • Itronix FS/GS

Itron Models

  • Itron FS/2
  • Itron FS2
  • Itron FS/2 PN
  • Itron FS2 PN
  • Itron FS/3
  • Itron FS3
  • Itron FS3 PN
  • Itron FS/3 PN

Topcon Models

  • Topcon FS/2
  • Topcon FS2
  • Topcon FS/3
  • Topcon FS3

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Models Serviced

My handheld won't turn on, even with new batteries installed.

If the unit has been in storage, you may need to do a hard reset:

  • Install a fresh set of AA alkaline batteries.
  • Hold both shift keys down and the power key for about 10 seconds. The shift keys are next the 'Yes' key. Some keyboard layouts may differ slightly.
  • Release all three keys and the unit should turn on.
  • If the unit doesn't turn on, press and release the power key, and then repeat the steps above.
  • If the unit still won't turn on, it will need servicing.

After the unit reboots it will need to be left on the charger or with good batteries fitted for at least 24 hours so that the internal backup battery has time to recharge.

Husky Keyboard

Where is the serial number located?

The serial number is located on the back of the unit behind the backstrap:

  • Lightly pry the backstrap plastic away from the case and slide it towards the top of the machine.
  • The serial number will begin with the numbers 49000 or 40000.
Husky Serial Number

How do I format my handheld?

The UTIL.COM utility resides on the FS/2 and FS/GS and allows the end user to format the internal RAM disk. It may be necessary to use this utility after a program crashes or if the RAM disk becomes corrupted because of an extended power loss.

  • UTIL.COM is not available in the FS/3 or MP2500. Use the MS-DOS DELETE command to erase disk files. The system files are 'read only' and cannot be deleted.
  • Caution: Do not use the MS-DOS FORMAT utility to format the handheld disk.
  • Caution: Formatting will destroy all information on the RAM disk. System files will remain intact.
  • Type UTIL at the system prompt and press Enter
  • Use the right-arrow key to select 'Format Fixed Disk' and press Enter
  • Use the up-arrow key to select 'Yes' and press Enter
  • Select the amount of memory for DOS. This is typically set to 640K. Consult with your software provider if unsure. Leave the remaining settings as shown and press Enter to begin.
  • Press any key to reboot.
  • Reload your software applications.
Husky Format

A 'Verified Failed Sector' or 'Error reading drive C' message is displayed.

The internal disk is corrupted and repair service is required. These messages are typically caused by the following:

  • Faulty internal disk in the FS/3 and MP2500.
  • Faulty internal backup battery in the FS/2 and FS/GS.
  • High current draw that causes power loss.
Husky Verified Failed Sector

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File Version Size Format Description Download
HCOM for Windows 1.01 663KB Zip The Husky file transfer utility HCOM is a simple to use program that allows users to quickly and easily transfer multiple program and data files between a Husky handheld computer a desktop PC.
FS/2 Users Guide P-2240-0010 53KB PDF An electronic copy of the User leaflet that comes with each new Husky FS/2. Includes useful operating instructions such as how to adjust the contrast, replace and charge the batteries, and clean your FS/2.
FS3 Users Guide P-2249-0010 76KB PDF An electronic copy of the User leaflet that comes with each new Husky FS/3. Includes useful operating instructions such as how to adjust the contrast, replace and charge the batteries, and clean your FS/3.
FS/GS Users Guide P-2252-0001 63KB Word An electronic copy of the User leaflet that comes with each new Husky FS/GS. Includes useful operating instructions such as how to adjust the contrast, replace and charge the batteries, and clean your FS/GS.
MP2500 Users Guide P-2230-0010 69KB PDF An electronic copy of the User leaflet that comes with each new Husky MP2500. Includes useful operating instructions such as how to adjust the contrast, replace and charge the batteries, and clean your MP2500.

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