Handheld Systems and Psion Teklogix Partnership Brings New Offerings to Rugged Handheld Market

Handheld Systems, a leading provider of rugged handheld computer sales and service, announced today that they have established a partnership with Psion Teklogix. The agreement between the two companies comes after extensive evaluation of new rugged handheld computer models from four different manufacturers. As a Psion Teklogix Certified Gold Partner, Handheld Systems can offer new and greater product options to its customers, options that also complement its current product line.

As a longtime leader in the rugged handheld market, Handheld Systems conducts thorough testing and evaluation procedures to ensure that the products they select will withstand rigorous use by their customers. The partnership between Handheld Systems and Psion Teklogix was established because Psion’s product line ranked extremely high in quality, durability, performance and flexibility.

The first product to be offered as the result of the partnership will be the redesigned Workabout Pro 3. Built for ruggedness and usability in any environment, the Workabout Pro 3 is ideal for mobile employees working in a range of fields. It features an updated keyboard layout, brighter VGA display, faster processor, and sleek, compact ergonomics. Options such as waterproof seals, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and numerous accessories allow you to tailor the device to your application.

The Workabout Pro 3 offers competitive pricing for a product of its caliber. For more information about the Workabout Pro 3 product range, visit www.handheldsystems.com. Demo equipment will be available shortly.

About Handheld Systems, Inc.

Handheld Systems specializes in rugged handheld computer sales and service, and is an Authorized Itronix/Husky and Psion Teklogix Gold Business Partner. Since 1994, we've been providing high-quality rugged handheld computers, software and support services to mobile professionals around the world. Our specialized product range allows us to focus our resources, providing our loyal customer base with exceptional service and high levels of customer satisfaction.

About Psion Teklogix

Psion Teklogix is the pioneer in quality mobile handheld computers and their application in industrial b2b markets around the world. We’ve innovated in mobile computing since 1980, helping our global customers solve their business problems, including Volkswagen, SNCF, RWE nPower, E.ON, BMW, and Goodyear.