Rugged Workabout HDL Handheld Computer Unveiled to Outdoor Professionals

Handheld Systems announced today the launch of the Workabout HDL, the latest in a series of new products to be manufactured in partnership with Psion Teklogix. Built for ruggedness and usability in any environment, the Workabout HDL exceeds technical expectations while providing for reliable day-in and day-out field use. In addition to new product offerings, Handheld Systems continues to provide sales and repair service for discontinued Husky and Itronix rugged handheld computers.

As a leading provider of rugged handheld computer sales and service, Handheld Systems continues to embrace the future with cutting-edge product lines. Prior to the launch of the Workabout HDL, exhaustive research was conducted to find a replacement for the discontinued Itronix Q200. In total, 66 rugged handhelds were evaluated from 22 different manufacturers. Minimum product specifications were gathered from customers and incorporated into the evaluation.

To ensure product quality and long-term support, Handheld Systems rated potential manufacturers based on their business longevity, annual revenue and Partner Program support. Psion Teklogix emerged as the clear choice because of their long history with rugged handhelds dating back to the early 1980’s, a commitment to continued product development, and their deeply rooted support of their Business Partner program.

"We feel like we’ve done a thorough job of finding a rugged handheld that is worthy of replacing the Itronix Q200 and that we can recommend to our customers," said Mike Berg from Handheld Systems. "In the end, we think our customers will be very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the Workabout HDL."

The Workabout HDL offers very competitive pricing for a product of its caliber. For more information about the Workabout HDL product range, visit Demo equipment will be available shortly.