Handheld Systems Featured in The Forestry Source

Media and consumer interest has soared in our Workabout handheld field computers since the U.S. Forest Service, entrusted with 193 million acres of forests and grasslands, entered into a $5M blanket purchase agreement with Handheld Systems last year. Naturally, Steve Wilent, editor at The Forestry Source, a newspaper produced by the Society of American Foresters, decided to take the Workabout for a test run and published his detailed review.

The Workabout HDS is the latest in a series of new products to be manufactured in partnership with Psion PLC. The handheld is extremely rugged and durable, delivering vivid 480x640 HD resolution quality within its light and compact design. The Workabout HDS measures in at 37 percent smaller and is 38 percent lighter than comparable models. The base unit has also been modified to uphold stringent industry and military standards.

Mr. Wilent’s Forestry Source review offers an impartial comparison of the Workabout HDS and its closest competitor. Noting a $1,200 price disparity, the cost-efficient Workabout stood out as the obvious best choice.

Article Highlights

  • FSCruiser’s desktop software is quickly and easily downloaded and installed on a desktop computer for later sync with the Workabout HDS
  • The Workabout HDS held-up in severe elements including below-freezing temperatures, wind, snow, and rain.
  • While the Workabout HDS does not offer a GPS receiver or wireless (WiFi) communication feature as a standard, it provides add-on modules to suit the same purpose.
  • The Workabout HDS provides twice the amount of RAM, weighs one-third less, and offers higher resolution than its closest competitor.